English Reading Comprehension-1 (Master English Comprehension)

English Reading Comprehension - 1

This is an English Reading Comprehension-1 Test. In English Reading Comprehension, you read a passage or an article first and then attempt questions based on your understanding.

Read the passage below and answer the comprehension questions.

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Read the Passage (English Reading Comprehension)

The sun was low on the horizon, spreading a warm golden glow across the area. The calm field spread out before me, its grasses waving softly in the air. Birds flitted among the branches of adjacent trees, their melodious chirping filling the air. It was a serene and peaceful setting, an opportunity to relax and appreciate nature’s splendor.

As I stood there, soaking in the earth’s fresh aroma, I couldn’t help but think about how fleeting time is. The world around me appeared to be in perpetual motion, changing and evolving. It was a reminder that life is a journey and that we are only passing through.

A little creek flowed across the meadow in the distance, its crystal-clear waters glistening in the sunlight. It served as a subtle reminder of the value of flow and balance in life. We, like the stream, must forge our own route, accepting the trials and barriers that come our way.

I took a step forward, enjoying the soft grass beneath my feet. It was a reassuring sense that connected me to the soil and reminded me of my position in the big fabric of existence. Despite the fact that the universe appeared huge and limitless, I felt a feeling of belonging, a sense of connectivity with all living things.

A butterfly flew by, its delicate wings decorated in bright colors. It moved through the air, a symbol of change and beauty. It reminded me that change is a normal aspect of life, and that there is always the opportunity of development and rebirth, especially in times of uncertainty.

I closed my eyes and let the sounds of nature embrace me. The rustle of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the quiet babble of the stream all blended into a melody that spoke to my soul. It was a reminder to genuinely listen to the world around me. There is wisdom in stillness, in being present and in sync with nature’s cycles.

A colorful variety of wild flowers welcomed me as I opened my eyes. Their petals swung in the air, splattering bursts of color across the meadow. It was a monument to life’s diversity and beauty. Each flower, distinctive in its own way, contributed to the meadow’s tapestry, creating a beautiful mosaic of colors.

I leaned out and gingerly plucked one small flower. Its aroma was seductive, a lovely perfume that piqued my interest. It was a lesson to cherish the basic joys in life, to find joy in the tiniest of moments.

As I stood there, lost in the beauty of the meadow, time seemed to stop still. The anxieties and cares of the world slipped away in that instant, replaced with a sense of calm and happiness. It was a subtle reminder that, in the midst of life’s hustle and bustle, it is critical to find moments of silence, moments of connection with the world around us.

As I turned to go, the meadow appeared to tell me farewell. The sun had set beyond the horizon, sending deep shadows across the grass. But I took the memories of that peaceful moment with me, inscribed in my heart as a reminder of the beauty and magic that exists in the world if we just take the time to halt and enjoy it.

Comprehension Questions (English Reading Comprehension-1)

Attempt these questions based on the passage above. Please enter your email address to receive the results.

This quiz is based on the English Reading Comprehension -1 on this site. Please read the passage and answer the questions.

1. Where was the Sun when this passage was being narrated?


2. What were the birds doing in this passage?


3. As per the passage, was the Sun rising or setting?


4. How the world appeared to the narrator?


5. What quality of time did user notice?


6. What does the Butterfly signify in the passage?


7. “I closed my eyes and let the sounds of nature embrace me”. What are the specific sounds of nature in the passage?


8. What made the narrator feel that he is connected to the soil?


9. When the narrator opens her eyes, what did he see?


10. When did the narrator return from the beautiful scene?


11. Do you know a place you have been to? Narrate about it. (This question has no marking)

Meaning of the Words – Build Your Vocabulary

  1. horizon – the line where the earth and sky appear to meet
  2. flitted – to fly or move fast from one location to another without stopping for long
  3. serene – calm and peaceful
  4. splendor – very impressive beauty
  5. soaking – extremely wet
  6. aroma – a pleasant smell
  7. fleeting – lasting for a very short time
  8. perpetual – continuing for a long period of time without stopping
  9. evolving – to gradually develop or cause something to change from a simple to a more complex form
  10. creek – a narrow body of water where the sea meets the land
  11. meadow – a field of grass
  12. subtle – not particularly visible, not very noticeable
  13. blended – to mix
  14. wisdom – the capacity to make sound judgments and decisions based on your knowledge or experience
  15. babble – the sound of water running over stones
  16. seductive – attractive
  17. glistening – to shine, shining of a wet surfaces
  18. piqued – arouse (interest or curiosity).
  19. inscribed – write or carve (words or symbols) on something

Download English Reading Comprehension PDF

Keywords: comprehension, comprehension reading, comprehension questions, testing reading comprehension, reading comprehension pdf

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