English Reading Comprehension-2 (Master English Comprehension)

English Reading Comprehension-2

This is an English Reading Comprehension-2 Test. In English Reading Comprehension, you read a passage or an article first and then attempt questions based on your comprehension.

Go through the passage below and answer the comprehension questions.

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English Reading Comprehension-1

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The sun set slowly beyond the horizon, throwing a warm golden light across the area. The world turned into a wonderful place as the day gave way to dusk, when shadows danced and the air had a tinge of mystery.

Life moved at its own leisurely pace in a little community situated among rolling green hills. The small cobblestone pathways were surrounded with cute houses that were decked with beautiful flowers pouring out of window boxes. The perfume of freshly made bread floated across the air, luring passerby with its delectable flavor.

The laughing of children echoed through the evening air as they played in the village square. They ran after each other, their bare feet hitting the cobblestones, their excitement contagious. The elderly sat on worn seats, conversing lazily and reminiscing about days gone by.

As the evening prayer approached, the village’s tiny church bells began to clang. The melodic melodies travelled throughout the countryside, reaching every nook and cranny of the settlement. The people, young and old, walked reverently towards the church, their hearts full of trust.

Candles shone inside the church’s ancient stone walls, throwing a soothing illumination on the aged seats. The local priest stood before the altar, his words soothing and reassuring. The people bent their heads in prayer, taking comfort in the traditional words and rituals that linked them to something bigger than themselves.

The night sky was covered with a canopy of stars that glistened like tiny jewels. The full and dazzling moon shed a silvery gleam over the earth. The distant sound of a brook running across the countryside could be heard in the calm of the night, its soothing murmur a lullaby to the tired spirits.

A vast forest stood far from the settlement, beyond the hills. Its towering trees guarded the mysteries concealed beneath its depths like ancient sentinels. At dark, the woodland seemed to come alive as nocturnal animals awoke from their slumber. Owls hooted from their perches, reverberating across the silence. The rustling of leaves beneath my feet suggested the presence of elusive woodland animals.

The village eventually fell into a blissful slumber as the night progressed. The world was shrouded in darkness, but it was a peaceful darkness with the promise of a new day. Life unfolded in sync with the earth’s cycles in this small community hidden in the center of nature’s embrace.

As the night became darker and the stars continued their celestial dance, the town slept, its dreams merging with the night’s whispers. Because time went at its own speed in this part of the globe, and the beauty of life unfolded in the simplest of moments, when the romance of twilight and the peace of sunset engulfed the souls of people who called this region home.

The community awoke in the morning as the first rays of sunshine penetrated through the woods. The peaceful streets came alive with activity once more. The aroma of brewing coffee blended with the dew of the morning. Children with weary eyes and tangled hair walked out to play, their laughter reverberating throughout the town.

The peasants welcomed the new day with joy in their hearts. They cared for their gardens, growing brilliant flowers and abundant food. A weekly market was held in the town square, when farmers proudly showed their crops and artists presented their handcrafted wares.

As the day progressed, villagers gathered at the village well, sharing stories and laughter while drawing water. They supported one another through joys and sorrows, forming a tight-knit community that weathered life’s storms together.

The world continued on its fast-paced beat outside the town. But within these basic confines, time appeared to slow down, enabling the villagers to relish the simplest of pleasures—a warm cup of tea, a soft breeze whispering through the trees, a loved one’s reassuring hug.

The community remained a refuge, an oasis of peace amidst the craziness of the outer world, as the seasons changed. It was a place where friendship and kinship were valued, where nature’s beauty was appreciated, and where the basic joys of life were enjoyed.

As night fell once more, the locals gathered in the church, their voices harmonizing in hymns. The candles flickered, throwing a comforting warmth on their faces. They found refuge, strength, and a strong feeling of belonging in this place, rooted in history and shared ideals.

As the day came to an end and the town succumbed to the soothing embrace of darkness, its soul stayed alive. For in this part of the globe, where the enchantment of twilight danced with the tranquility of nighttime, the peasants carried the essence of their home inside them, spreading its warmth and tranquility everywhere they went.

Comprehension Questions (English Reading Comprehension-2)

Attempt these questions based on the passage above. Please enter your email address to receive the results.

#1. As the day progressed, villagers gathered at the village well. What did they do?

#2. As the church bells started ringing, what did people do?

#3. Where were the children playing?

#4. The priest's voice at Church was ___________

#5. "the day gave way to dusk" what does this mean in the passage?

#6. Select a paragraph from the passage that says that the villagers loved to work. (Copy and Paste)

#7. As per the passage, the routine of the village seems to go around the same cycle of day and night. Is that True?

#8. Do you think that the villagers were lazy?

#9. How did peasants welcome the new day?

#10. Where was the forest situated?

#11. What were elderly doing as they sat on worn seats?

#12. What surrounded the pathways?



Congratulations! You Passed the Quiz

Read the passage carefully. You can do better.

Meaning of the Words – Build Your Vocabulary

  1. cobblestone –  small natural stones used for paving.
  2. Illumination – light or the place where a light comes from
  3. delectable – extremely good to taste, smell or look at; giving great pleasure
  4. Illusive – not easy to catch, find or remember
  5. reverberating – to be repeated several times as it comes off different surfaces
Keywords: comprehension, comprehension reading, comprehension questions, testing reading comprehension, reading comprehension pdf

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