English Reading Comprehension-3 (Master English Comprehension)

English Reading Comprehension-3

Read the Passage and Answer the questions.

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Passage ~ English Comprehension

As individuals frantically went about their daily routines, the busy city streets were alive with excitement. Tall towers rose above the skyline, their glass facades reflecting the lively cityscape. Cars sped by, horns blazing in the urban cacophony. In the middle of the mayhem, there was an irresistible attraction, an electric pulse that ran through the veins of the city.

The walkways were crowded with street sellers, their carts loaded with bright fruits, fragrant flowers, and enticing street cuisine. Aromas ranging from searing spices to freshly brewed coffee permeated the air. The buzz of several languages blended together, producing a vivid tapestry of sound.

Hidden pockets of calm can be found among the urban jungle. Serene parks provided reprieve from the city’s frenetic pace. Winding routes were framed by lush vegetation, and joggers sought comfort in the rhythm of their footfall. Benches provided a heaven for tired spirits, urging people to halt, breathe, and drink in the beauty of nature in the middle of the concrete jungle.

The city’s walls were decorated with art, converting commonplace structures into intriguing paintings. Graffiti and murals told stories of perseverance, diversity, and societal transformation. The brilliant hues and thought-provoking imagery spurred debates and elicited emotional responses, reminding viewers of the power of art to define and reflect a society’s identity.

Cafés were alive with innovation and intellectual dialogue. While guests clustered around tables, absorbed in topics that ranged from literature to politics to the meaning of life, baristas deftly made elaborate latte art. The scent of freshly ground coffee beans blended with the laughing and passionate debates, creating an atmosphere that encouraged both contemplation and connection.

With theaters, concert halls, and galleries, the city’s cultural life blossomed. Passionate performances brought the stage to life, taking spectators to new realms. Symphony after symphony flooded the air, resonating deep through the spirit. Art displays pushed boundaries and inspired people to consider fresh viewpoints. The city was a lively canvas on which creativity thrived and the human spirit was rekindled.

Hidden treasures awaited discovery outside the urban sprawl. Away from the fast-paced city life, charming neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and modest homes provided a respite. Farmers’ markets were buzzing with activity, exhibiting locally grown fruit, handcrafted crafts, and homemade treats. Community gardens flourished with a rainbow of flowers and vegetables, fostering a connection to the soil and a sustainable way of life.

As night fell, the city changed into a light show. Neon signs lit up the streets, giving a bright glow that swirled over the asphalt. A million glittering lights adorned the city’s skyline, a testimony to human inventiveness and development. Night owls came from their homes in search of entertainment such as live music, stylish clubs, and lively night markets.

Despite the constant action and lively intensity, moments of seclusion and introspection could be discovered. Rooftop gardens provided a peaceful heaven where one might stare at the starry sky and find consolation in the immensity of the cosmos. Libraries attracted book lovers with shelves brimming with information and stories just waiting to be discovered. These pauses for reflection provided a crucial balance, a reminder to halt and find purpose in the middle of the city’s unrelenting pace.

The human spirit survived in this ever-changing metropolis, adapting and creating beauty amidst the concrete and steel. The city was a living symphony where visions were formed, connections were made, and the bounds of possibility were continuously stretched. It was a tribute to humanity’s inventiveness, perseverance, and collective spirit—a reflection of our ability to build, create, and inspire.

Comprehension Questions (English Reading Comprehension-3)

Now answer these questions based on your passage comprehension.

#1. The Farmer's market was buzzing with? (Select all that apply)

#2. The walkways were crowded with street sellers, what are they selling? (Select all that apply)

#3. What were the attraction point for book lovers?

#4. When the city turned into a light show?

#5. What was creating an atmosphere that encouraged both contemplation and connection?

#6. Graffiti and murals told stories of what?

#7. What were reflecting the lively cityscape?

#8. What provided a peaceful heaven where one might stare at the starry sky?



Congratulations! You Passed the Quiz. It is time to share your results and challenge your friends.

Read the passage again! You can do it.

Meaning of the Words – Build Your Vocabulary

  1. frantically – in a hurried, excited, or disorganized manner
  2. facades – the principal front of a building, that faces on to a street or open space.
  3. tapestry – a piece of heavy cloth with pictures 
  4. rekindled –  to make something active again
  5. spurred –  to encourage somebody, make somebody work harder or faster
  6. seclusion – being private and away from other people
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