English Reading Comprehension-4 (Master English Comprehension)

English Reading Comprehension-4

Read the Passage and Answer the questions. English Reading Comprehension-4, comprehension, comprehension reading, reading comprehension pdf, testing reading comprehension.

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Passage ~ English Comprehension


Pollution has become an ever-present worry in our modern society, like a shadow cast onto the Earth. It contaminates the water we drink, pollutes the air we breathe, and destroys the landscapes we live in. It is a result of our industrial development and our unquenchable need for ease. As we approach a watershed point in history, it is critical that we tackle the terrible impacts of pollution and seek sustainable solutions to maintain our planet’s fragile equilibrium.

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With its unseen tentacles, air pollution infiltrates our cities, strangling our lungs and lowering our quality of life. Pollutants are released into the atmosphere through car exhaust fumes, factory smoke, and the combustion of fossil fuels. The once-pristine sky are now tainted by a dense cloud, concealing the sun’s radiance and strangling our connection to nature. As a result of human actions, respiratory ailments are on the rise, ecosystems are collapsing, and the fragile web of life trembles.

Water, our planet’s lifeline, suffers the burden of our indifference. Rivers, lakes, and seas are contaminated by industrial waste, agricultural runoff, and inappropriate chemical disposal. The once-pure waterways lose their purity and are replaced by poisonous muck, endangering aquatic life and jeopardizing our own health. Plastic garbage, a lasting legacy of our disposable lifestyle, clogs our rivers, entangling marine life and destroying ecosystems. The effects reverberate up and down the food chain, endangering not only the animals under the seas, but also the very food we rely on.

Pollution scars are imprinted on our landscapes, giving testament to the cost of our unsustainable habits. Deforestation, fueled by resource demand, erodes the complex tapestry of life that previously flourished. Industrial spills contaminate the environment, producing bleak wastelands where life tries to establish itself. Landfills are overflowing with trash, releasing poisons into the land and groundwater. Our once dynamic and diversified ecosystems have been fragmented, and the delicate balance that has supported innumerable species is on the verge of collapse.

Despite this bleak reality, there is hope. Recognizing the gravity and urgency of the environmental situation has triggered a global awakening. Communities get together in defense of the earth, raising their voices. Innovators and scientists work ceaselessly to find alternative energy sources and develop ground-breaking solutions to reduce the impact of pollution. Regulations and agreements are established by governments and organizations to reduce emissions and encourage sustainable activities. The collective conscience is waking up to the fact that we are the guardians of this planet, with the duty of ensuring its future.

Individual acts, no matter how minor, have the potential to effect change. We can help our ecosystems by practicing responsible consumerism and lowering our dependency on single-use plastics. Using renewable energy and supporting sustainable enterprises can help us move toward a cleaner future. Education and knowledge are critical because they enable people to make educated decisions and advocate for systemic change.

The struggle against pollution is not a one-sided conflict, but a comprehensive activity that spans the entire globe. To maintain our only home, we must work together, innovate, and make a collective commitment. It requires us to reinvent our relationship with the Earth, understanding that our well-being is inextricably linked to environmental health.

We are at a fork in the road, and the decisions we make today will define the world of tomorrow. Let us heed the call to action, for the repercussions of inactivity will be disastrous. We can work together to create a cleaner, greener future in which the gloom of pollution is replaced by the radiance of a sustainable planet. It is a journey that begins with one step, as we try to leave a legacy of environmental care for future generations.

Comprehension Questions (English Reading Comprehension-4)

Now, answer these questions depending on your understanding of the passage.

#1. What has triggered a global awakening?

#2. According to the passage how can we help our ecosystems?

#3. Our once dynamic and diversified ecosystems have been _________, and the delicate balance that has supported innumerable species is on the verge of ___________..

#4. Our well-being is not linked to environmental health. (True/False)

#5. What kind of pollution is destroying our lungs?

#6. According to the passage, what are the main causes of Pollution? (Select all that apply)

#7. As per the passage directly or indirectly the water pollution is affecting the human life. (True/False)

#8. What are the main factors of Water Pollution according to the passage? (Select all that apply)

#9. In the last paragraph, you are encouraged to _________

#10. From where the pollutants of Air Pollution are coming? (Select all that apply)



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Read the passage again! You can pass it easily.

Meaning of the Words – Build Your Vocabulary

  1. watershed – an event or time which is important
  2. fragile – easily damaged or broken
  3. ceaselessly – without stopping, continously
  4. reverberate – to be repeated several times
  5. inextricably – in a way that is impossible to disentangle or separate.
  6. gloom – a feeling of being sad and without hope
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